Friday, March 29, 2013

Be Still

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Growing up, Easter was a holiday I looked forward to. Easter morning my sister and I would race downstairs and start our egg hunt. We could bet on finding eggs in all the same places as last year; for some reason the kitchen appliances were involved year after year. After we collected all our eggs we would sit down together and open each one up to see how many were lovingly filled with candy and how many had quarters. Almost immediately after we scouted out each of the eggs we were running around the house again playing the "hot or cold" game while searching for our hidden Easter baskets. As soon as we found our baskets we were digging into the candy while putting on our new Easter dresses and white shoes, all ready for Easter service.

I love to think back on our traditions and memories as kids. I also love looking to the future and thinking about doing some of the same things with my own children. 

As fun as Easter morning was, there was something even more special to me that we did as a family on Good Friday. I can't help but think about it today. Every Good Friday we would be still between noon and three o'clock to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. We would be together as a family, but we didn't have the t.v. on, we weren't grocery shopping, my sister and I weren't mindlessly playing with barbies. We were still, together. We were honoring. We would read passages from the Bible, each taking turns reading aloud. My mom would get out a school craft I made. It was a dixie cup, filled with sand. Stuck in the sand was a cross made out of two sticks, held together by twine. On Good Friday I would place a small piece of black cloth over the dixie cup. Then I would stick the cross through a hole in the middle of the cloth and into the sand. It was symbolic of the darkness that covered the earth as Jesus hung on the cross. We let my cross craft sit like that on our t.v. console from noon on Friday until we woke up Easter morning. I would remove the black cloth and exchange it for a white one to symbolize that He rose! 

Now that I am adult, I think of that school craft each and every Good Friday. I think about the darkness and pain He endured for you and I. What a sacrifice, what a price He paid. Then I think about that white cloth on Easter morning. I immediately think of the verse from Psalm 30:5, "Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.". Joy always comes. Joy came that morning when the tomb was empty. He rose again! 

Today I challenge you to be still. Be still with your spouse, be still with your kids, be still. Teach them about Good Friday, not just Easter Sunday. Clearly it can leave an impact decades later. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Cara Box Reveal

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I decided to join in on the Cara Box Exchange for the month of March. The theme was My Name Is. This involved finding things that started with the same letter as your partner's first name. I love a creativity challenge. 

I had the pleasure of sending a box to Kaitlyn, the Cara Box founder. We had the best time via a face time date chatting and getting to know each other a little better. Go check out her blog to see what I came up with for her. 

Here's what my partner, Daneene sent me!

I think she did a great job coming up with things that started with the letter "B".

1// + 2// Baking mixes {mug cake and scones}. I told her I love to bake, but what she didn't know was that I'm a huge fan of Dr. Oetker's mixes! I also love having baked goods ready for on the go breakfasts.

3// Balm. I love a good lip balm. I've frequently seen these cute eos balms in the checkout aisles and wondered if they were any good. Now I know! I received the strawberry sorbet flavor. When I have it on I want to lick my lips!

4// British Cookies. These are really intriguing. I haven't tried them yet, but I love cookies and am sure they will be delicious!

Thanks for sending me a Cara Box this month Daneene!

Cara Box

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekending, list style

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This past weekend was just what I needed. It was the perfect combination of relaxing, quality time with the Mr., and checking things off the to do list. It's been far too long since we've been able to enjoy the weekend and actually spend time at home. 

Here's what we were up to:

1// We pulled the trigger on some wonderful sheets I've had my eye since forever. They were finally on sale for a reasonable price. Thank the Lord for Kohl's' 30% off coupons!

2// I cleaned the house from top to bottom. The floors got the good scrub they had coming to them. 

3// We skipped a couple workouts, which might have been my favorite part. 

4// I scored a couple Friday Freebies from the gorgeous Audrey. I'm in love with every single one of her freebies. Yet another reason to look forward to Fridays! 

5// I wore a new shirt. Thanks to twitter I discovered another sweet blogger and I were wearing it the same day! Twins for a day.

6// I attended a bridal shower brunch. I caught up with old friends, squeezed the beautiful bride, drank a delicious orange colada smoothie, and ate some food that made me say "yum"...out loud. I also won a new candle. Score.

7// Date night! That's right, dinner and a movie, but in reverse order. And by dinner I mean we ordered three giant appetizers because we couldn't decide. Success. 

8// I made some new product for kitt + kaboodle. Can't wait to get it added to the shop this week! 

9// I cashed in a freebie at Victoria's Secret {if you know what I mean} and used my $10.00 birthday coupon on a new eye shadow. Pleasantly surprised by the quality. 

10// I tried out Ashley's recipe for the best banana bread. It stands up to the name. Something about that wooden spoon does the trick! Unfortunately the Mr. hates anything banana so I'm stuck eating the whole loaf myself. I think I can handle it. 

11// I polished my nails with Essie's Tart Deco. Thinking spring amongst all the snow. 

What were you up to this weekend?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear Bree, I am so incredibly proud to be your sis! Dear Friday, it seemed like you took forever to get here this week. Shame on you. I blame you, but maybe I should blame our ridiculous schedules and the fact that we have had something every night of the week for who knows how long?! Dear Late Night Shopping With The Mr., we not only scored some new fabrics for kitt + kaboodle, but we also bit the bullet on some luxurious new bed sheets. We totally stayed up until 10:45pm to wait for them to come out of the dryer so we could sleep in them. Worth it. Dear House Shopping, did I just say that out loud? {That's right, house shopping!} Please go easy on us and be fun more than anything else. Which leads me right into Dear God, please help the Mr. and I find the perfect house for us, for our family. I know it's out there. I know you have hand picked it for us. Thank you for leading us to it in your perfect timing. Dear Realtor, a.k.a. Mom, you rock! You are the best ever. Dear House, you are about to get cleaned, so there. I'm coming for you dust bunnies and Fur Baby hair. Dear Old Man Winter, no one wants you as soon as the calendar says "Spring Begins". I love you dearly, but I don't want to see you until November.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Salted Caramel Brownies

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I realize that yesterday I went on a little rant about how I need to be mindful of what I'm putting into my body. So, this post might come as a surprise considering it's a sweet treat. However, we made these brownies on Tuesday to bring to a friend's house and I just have to share them with you! 

A few weeks ago the Mr. and I were out shopping at, of course, Target. We picked up something I've had my eye on for quite awhile; a brownie pan. Have you seen them? It's the coolest pan in my opinion because you can make any sort of baked good in an individual size! Love. 

Back to the recipe. 

You'll need one awesome brownie pan
 a box of brownie mix, and...

 You'll end up with brownies that will blow your friend's socks off. The best part of these brownies is that each one is baked in a separate little compartment. Do you know what that means? It means that each brownie has the best of both worlds; the crisp edge and the gooey, chewy center.

Go make some!

Salted Caramel Brownies

1 brownie box mix
sea salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease brownie pan and set aside. 

Mix brownie batter according to package directions. 

Spoon batter into each of the pan compartments. Bake for 17-19 minutes. As soon as you bring the brownies out of the oven gently push a caramel into each center. Sprinkle a little sea salt onto each caramel. 

Allow to cool in the pan for 10 minutes. Remove from pan immediately. 

Serve with ice cream. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Something I Struggle With...

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If you've spent any amount of time perusing my blog you'd recognize my love of food. I would say I have a serious passion about food that tastes good. This means the Mr. and I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen and together. I love that. I also love sharing our kitchen experiences with you, hence an entire page dedicated to our favorite recipes.

Right now as I'm sitting in our sunny living room, the Mr. is in the kitchen frying up some bacon {oh yum!} and flinging {yet another} pizza dough into the air. We're having a homemade BLT pizza for a very late lunch/early supper. I'm sure I'll be sharing the recipe, barring success.

As I'm sitting here soaking in the aroma of my favorite smell; bacon, I'm wondering if I'm doing a good job of taking care of the body I've been given. I hope I come across as someone who's active, health conscious, and eats well too. If not, then I went wrong somewhere. The Mr. and I are some of the most active people in our circle of friends. We run outside during the warm months, hike, bike, and go for long walks. We've remained relatively inactive during the winter months, up until this past year. We took on the challenge of P90X along with a co-ed volleyball league. I'd say we've nailed the term active on the head.

We also like to be conscious of what we put into our bodies. This one's a little harder for me because I could eat sweets all day long. If they're in the house I will find them and I will eat them. That's the unfortunate truth. Right now I have 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and some Easter candy that always seems to be calling my name. I continually make a promise to myself that once the sweets are gone I won't replenish them. Big fail. Then I try and convince myself that I still eat healthy because I get my {mainly} fruits and {some} veggies into my diet. I almost feel like I'm lying to myself.

Sweets are something I'm guilty of eating too often. That's why in September of last year I went on a 30 day challenge where I cut them out of my diet cold turkey! I'm sensing another challenge coming on pretty quick, just to remind myself that I do have self control. The only other thing I've found that helps me get control of an area in my life is the word. This specific verse is something that I cling to.

When I read that verse I have a new understanding of why I need to be mindful of what I'm putting in this temple. There was a great price paid; Jesus' life. The very least I can do is honor Him with the body I've been given. Being active, eating right, and taking steps to be proactive about my health are just a few things I know He has called me to do.

What are some things you struggle with? There is freedom in sharing with each other.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Baked Powdered Sugar Donuts

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I had a serious sweet tooth when I woke up this morning. So I did what any smart girl would do. I made myself donuts. Except, I found a recipe for a semi guilt free indulgence!

This is seriously the easiest recipe around and it requires few ingredients, all of which you have in your house. Promise! If you have something similar that you can substitute with, do it. Be creative. The original recipe called for plain yogurt and milk. All I had on hand was vanilla yogurt and almond milk. Don't be afraid to veer from the recipe a little. 

Baked Powdered Sugar Donuts

1 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 eggs
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 tablespoons vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup almond milk
powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Whisk together the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Set aside.

In a small bowl, beat the eggs, oil, and yogurt with a fork. 

Pour the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon until well combined. 

Grease the donut pan and fill each form half full.

Bake for 10 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes. Turn the dounuts out onto a wire rack. 

Fill a small bowl with powdered sugar. Coat each donut. Let cool for 30 minutes. Coat each donut a second time. 


{recipe adapted from My San Francisco Kitchen}

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

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{Newest little project I made for my sister, Bree. It's sitting on my ladder shelf until I see her. I'll miss it when it's gone!}

Dear Mr., you are too good to me! You insist that I take extra good care of myself. So, with your advice {along with the Chiropractor's} I have a one hour massage today. I can hardly wait. Thanks Babe! Dear Readers, do your self a HUGE favor and go watch this hilarious video on YouTube. I watched it yesterday, and since then have watched it three more times. My mom was practically rolling around laughing hysterically while she watched it and my Dad said he was, and I quote, "laughing uncontrollably". Go watch it and then come back and tell me how hard you laughed! Dear Bloglovin Followers, I am blown away by how many of you have started following in just the last day due to my announcement on Wednesday evening. So glad to have you following! Dear Self, when you get your self out of the way and decide to have a better attitude it's amazing what can come of it! Dear Semi Freshly Pierced Ears, you are finally starting to feel like you have healed, seven months later. This is exciting for many reasons, but mainly because you can wear adorable earrings! Time to stock up the collection with even more pretties. Dear Kaitlyn, our v-date on Tuesday was one of the major highlights of my week. I was talking to the Mr. about how wonderful it was and how incredible it is that you feel like a real life friend! Dear God, Thank you for directing the Mr. and I this week. I can not imagine making important decisions without your guidance. Thank you for continuing to lead us.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sleep, It's a Beautiful Thing...

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...when you get some. 

I am one of those people who physically needs 8-9 hours of sleep to feel well rested and not wake up like a grinch. Here's my dilemma. I don't usually average that much time a night on my mattress. More importantly, I can't remember the last time I slept through the night. Most nights I wake up several times to turn over, adjust the covers, get comfy, or lay there wondering why the heck I am not sleeping. 

There's another contributor to my poor sleep. At first guess you would probably think the Mr. snored, right? Wrong, he is the perfect sleeping partner. He doesn't {usually} hog the bed and he doesn't snore. Aside from getting up to go to the bathroom on occasion, which does wake me, he is pretty great.

This leaves us with only one other person animal. 

We started an extremely bad habit when we got the Fur Baby. For a long while he would sleep in his kennel in our bedroom. Then we would let him in our bed in the morning. He was just too darn cute and snuggly. Plus, we wanted to lay in bed just a little longer. I don't know where we went wrong, but somehow he made his way into our bed every night. Must have been when we packed up his kennel for good to let him roam the house like a free man. Let's see. He is 5 now. So we must have packed the kennel up 4 years ago? 

So, for the last 4 years I have slept like I have a newborn in the house. I blame the Fur Baby. His routine is to curl up right next to me every single night. So, he starts out in our bed, under all the covers, and in between the Mr. and I. Ok, fine. Not a problem....if he would stay there all night long. This animal goes in and out of the covers. He will paw at you or the covers until you lift them so he can go all the way under. His favorite thing to do half way through the night is to curl up right in between your legs, which you can imagine is the most uncomfortable position to sleep. Or, my least favorite; when he lays on his back with all four paws in the air, twitching, dreaming, chasing a squirrel, and 1/2 barking/crying. 

I'm sure you are saying to yourself, "just move him then". Yes, that is a great idea! First you will hear him let out this huge groan like you have inconvenienced him terribly. Sometimes he gets over it, other times he comes out of the covers and stares at you like you ruined his night. Then he'll go right back where he was, to smite me I'm sure of it.

So, Fur Baby, you and I need to have a little pow-wow. This Fur Mama is over not sleeping well, and well, you are the cause of that. Please find a way to not wake me 17 times a night or perhaps bother your daddy for the next 4 years and give me a little break? I think the answer is to get a puppy brother for you. That way you two can sleep together on the floor in a nice cozy dog bed. Don't get me wrong, I love you, probably too much. I love our snuggle time together too. I just love sleep more. Sleep is a beautiful thing and I need more of it!

P.S. I'm all about some tips on how to sleep well, as long as they don't include drinking warm milk {gag} before bed. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stupid Google

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It seems that Google has recently announced they will be ditching Google Friend Connect. Where have I been? More importantly, what in the world is Google thinking? Want to know my first thought? It was that I'm so sad I won't be able to see your pretty little thumbnails on the side of my blog. It's going to be a weird adjustment I think. At least we're all in this together, right? Maybe I'm the only one who's having a hard time with this. Tell me I'm not alone ladies!

So, I'm hopping on here to let you know that if you follow my blog {or any other blog} you should consider following from Bloglovin so I can still see you and connect with you there. I just signed up myself and I'm starting to add my favorite blogs one by one.

  This link will take you directly to my blog, or you can click on that handy little icon to the right that says "follow this blog with bloglovin"!
UPDATE: it seems that I've misunderstood/believed a rumor on twitter that wasn't entirely true. Google is getting rid of Google Reader. For those of you who follow along through Google Reader, you will have to switch over to following through Bloglovin as an alternative. This doesn't mean Google Friend Connect will be disappearing. ::big sigh of relief:: I will still be able to see all your smiling faces on the side of my blog!

Hope this clarifies things.

Chicken Salad for Two

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Last night the Mr. and I made one of our favorite homemade pizza recipes that I shared with you awhile back; BBQ Chicken Pizza. We always have so much fun in the kitchen together. As much as I love slaving over a nice meal and having it on the table for him, I also really enjoy when we do it together. Last night as he was flinging the pizza dough in the air to, "double it in size, babe", we discussed the next pizza we'd create together will be a BLT. The bacon lover that I am can hardly wait for that. 

So, that whole story brings me to today's recipe in a very round about way. We had leftover chicken from last night so I made today's lunch with it. I love doing that; taking leftovers from one meal and using it creatively to get another meal out of it. It makes me think I could have survived well during the Little House on the Prairie days.

Here's what I made:

Chicken Salad for Two
1 1/2 cups leftover shredded chicken
1-2 generous tablespoons mayo
garlic salt to taste
sprinkling of ground ginger
grapes, quartered
celery, diced

In a small bowl combine the chicken and mayo. Add more or less mayo for your desired consistency. Season with a little garlic salt and ginger. You must add the ginger. It does something magical. 

Quarter up a few grapes. Dice some celery. Mix these in with a final stir. 

Spread over toasted or regular bread and viola, lunch. 


Monday, March 11, 2013

Honey Cloud Pancake

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Last week I saw a picture of a honey cloud pancake on twitter. I turned to my good friend Google to figure out how I could make one over the weekend. I used the recipe found on things {we} make; a charming little blog made famous by her honey cloud pancake recipe. 

This Sunday after church we stuck to our tradition of making breakfast, but instead of the Mr. cooking his delicious eggs and toast combo I made a honey cloud pancake. It was easy and tasted so fresh and delicious. It felt like something you should eat in France or at an outdoor cafe on the beach.
My favorite thing about this recipe is that I know exactly what's going into the batter vs. the mysterious pancake mix in a box. It's also only sweetened with honey, perfect for the kiddos. You can change the recipe up by trying different fruits. I used blackberries this time. Next time I want to try one with strawberries and peaches, one with raspberries and cherries, and one with blueberries. This recipe will be added to our Sunday breakfast routine. It's too yummy to not include it! 

Honey Cloud Pancake
1 egg white
1 egg
1/4 cup flour
pinch of salt
2 teaspoons honey + extra for drizzling
dash of vanilla
1/4 cup warm almond milk
1 tablespoon butter

 Preheat the oven to 390 degrees. Meanwhile heat a small, oven safe skillet over medium heat on the stove. I used a cast iron one, but anything oven safe will work.
In a small bowl whisk 1 egg white until peaks form. Set aside. {My mom and I took turns whisking because our arms got tired. Next time I would use my stand mixer and set the timer for 5 minutes. That's what you should do.} 

In a large bowl combine the egg, flour, salt, 2 teaspoons of honey, and vanilla. Add the warm milk and whisk until combined. Fold in the egg whites. 

Drop the butter into the hot skillet and let it melt. Add the pancake batter and allow it to cook for a few minutes on the stove. Add the fruit of your choice and bake in the oven for 7 minutes or until it's puffed up and golden. 

As soon as it's out of the oven drizzle with honey. Next time I'll also lightly sprinkle it with powdered sugar. Serve immediately. 


recipe adapted from things {we} make

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Sale {free kitt + kaboodle earrings}

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Did you think you read that wrong? Today kitt + kaboodle is having a HUGE sale. GINORMOUS, REDICULOUS, AMAZING, and FREE*

Order from kitt + kaboodle and get it FREE*. Whether you want to add some cute accessories to your collection for spring or you want to get a head start on a mother's day gift, this sale is for you! Maybe you're a thoughtful friend and you want to bless every single girlfriend in your life with a pair of earrings. 
kitt + kaboodle has a style for everyone!

Go, go, check it out and use promo code SUNDAYSALE! 

*Free earrings offer from kitt + kaboodle is valid on a minimum $5.00 purchase. {Since each pair of earrings is priced at $4.25 or $4.50 the second pair ordered ends up being free}. Shipping rates will apply and sales tax where applicable.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear Week, where did you go? I blinked and Friday was here. No complaints. Dear friendship, you are a beautiful thing. I cherish times like last night when I spent hours having meaningful conversation with the sweetest friend. Dear Sunshine, you are making me long for spring; for the birdies to be chirping, for bright colors, and happy citrus flavors. Dear Momma, our long morning conversations over the phone are my favorite. I love your encouragement and your listening ear. Dear kitt + kaboodle, I have high goals for you, goals I will achieve. I dream of sending out dozens of orders per day, someday. Dear knees, those bruises aren't pretty. I'm so terribly sorry volleyball is treating you poorly. Dear God, you have blown me away. I shared a testimony yesterday of your goodness and every time I tell someone new I get even more excited!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


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Remember my post a couple weeks ago about Winter Retreat and about Processing? You'll want to go read those posts before continuing with this one. 

I have a big God story to tell you about. It all started at Winter Retreat. Our Saturday evening service was one of the most powerful services I have attended. If you're at all familiar with the presence of God, then you'll understand when I say how incredibly powerful it was.

During worship the Mr. brought up one of our adult mentors who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. The entire group of 43 of us all prayed fervently over her, believing whole heartedly for a miracle. It was so powerful watching young people pray scripture with authority. I'll never forget it! Immediately after we were through praying I knew there was a breakthrough. The young lady we were praying over said her excruciating headache immediately left her. That alone was an awesome testimony. 

The next morning a few of us shared some of our favorite aspects of our weekend together. The young lady said her favorite part was receiving her healing. We were so thrilled. We were also eagerly awaiting her upcoming doctor visit because we knew they wouldn't find the cancer there.

Fast forward to last night. As soon as the young lady came through the doors for youth group my husband and I ran up to her and said, "Well?". She replied, "It's gone!!!". You guys, the brain cancer is gone. Her doctor couldn't find a trace of it. He was so stumped he sent her out of town to another doctor so they could also take a look. The doctor told her it was a miracle. The cancer was gone and there wasn't sign of tissue damage. 

If you've never experienced God's healing power I am here to tell you it's real. Jesus himself said that we will do greater works than even He did and anything we ask in His name He will do it. {John 14:12-14}. Isn't that awesome?! 

I just want to encourage you that God is faithful and He loves us so much. He healed my friend and I'm so thankful to Him for using us to be a part of that. This testimony will change lives. I know it!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Creamy Meatballs

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On Wednesdays the Mr. and I try to eat a hearty lunch together since we can't eat supper together. Our Wednesday lunch date is something we both need and enjoy before we spend the rest of our evening at church for youth group.

For today's lunch date I turned my sweet friend's meatball appetizer recipe into a meal. I served meatballs over buttered egg noodles {with sauteed mushrooms for the Mr.}, a side of fresh green beans, and fresh semi-homemade bread. 

I'm ready for round two. Kidding. Kind of. 

Thanks to my sweet friend for being an awesome foodie pal and sharing this recipe with me. Don't you love the friends in your life who can appreciate delicious food? 
Now for the recipe:

Creamy Meatballs
For the meatballs:
1 lb beef
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/4 cup milk
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/2 of a small onion, chopped
1 egg

For the cream sauce:
1-2 cans cream of celery {depending on how much sauce you want}
garlic salt to taste
thyme to taste
milk to thin

Combine all meatball ingredients in a bowl. With clean hands {or food handling gloves if you're me} to combine the meat mixture. Once combined, use a large spoon and scoop a generous spoonful of mixture. Shape into meatballs {roughly 20, depending on the size}.

Bake uncovered in a 9 x 13 baking pan at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes. 

Meanwhile add 1 can cream of celery into your crockpot. Thin with a little milk. Season with garlic salt and thyme. When meatballs are completely cooked add them to the crockpot of sauce and keep warm. 

Either serve the meatballs as an appetizer or serve on a bed of buttered egg noodles. 


Monday, March 4, 2013

Sweet Potato Shop {giveaway}

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I've said time and time again how much I adore Etsy shop's and their owners. The shops offer some of the cutest and unique items, all handmade. The owners are some of the most humble and kind people I've worked with. Now that I am an Etsy shop owner myself I appreciate them even more.

It always brings a smile to my face to offer a giveaway on the blog. Today Molly {the beautiful shop owner} from Sweet Potato Shop is generously giving away a $25 credit to her shop. You will fall in love with all her gorgeous graphic designs. I know I did! Whether you're looking for wall art, invitations, announcements, cards, or a custom piece, Sweet Potato Shop will have just what you're looking for. 

Take a look at just some of the items available at Sweet Potato Shop and use Rafflecopter below to get all your entries in!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear Friday's Letters, it's been a long time coming. I believe the last time I wrote a letter was in November. How did that happen? Glad to be back. Dear Readers, you should definitely take the time to read an article my showcase sponsor, Christina, wrote on marriage. It's her first ever published work and I'm super proud of her! It's packed full of great advice for the engaged, newlywed, or veteran couple! Dear Co-Ed Volleyball League, the Mr. and I had our first game last night. It felt so good to be back on the court after being away for almost 9 years. Bonus: we won and we have awesome neon shirts! Dear Fur Baby, this whole getting up at 3 am and requesting to go outside to potty has got to stop. You're not helping my goal of trying to sleep through an entire night. Dear Saturday, come quick! I'm looking forward to spending quality time with my Grandpa at one of our favorite local events and finally sitting down to get our 2012 taxes sent off to the accountant. Dear Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Bagels, you are my favorite new find at the grocery store. Dear God, I want to remain teachable in Your hands. Mold me and make me into what You want me to be, not what others want, not what I want.


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