Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five for Friday!

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Boy am I glad to see this week's Friday. It's been a long week. I'm going to blame it on the -30 degree temps that seemed to drag the days out.

There were of course some highlights to the week that I'd love to share! 

1// I finally put the finishing touches on this vanity that's hanging out in our guest bedroom. This was my mom's vanity as a child. I love the history behind this piece and am so glad we have it in our home. The knobs are the perfect fit in my opinion.  Thank you, Pier 1.
Ignore my basket of hair tools, it's the most convenient, temporary spot at the moment. 

2// With the stupid-cold temperatures this week, the little monkey and I got in some serious snuggle time. Just to be clear, we absolutely weren't watching Wheel of Fortune.

3// We went to a local hockey game with my sister and her beau this past weekend. It was a great game {we won!} and we had an absolute blast spending time together. We'll definitely be spending more time at the hockey rink, attending games.

4// I shared a recipe perfect for this weekend's Super Bowl. I also {overshared} about my love of Tabasco sauce and what necessary steps I had to take when I over indulged in my fair share of the sauce. Let's just say it wasn't my most proud moment.

5// My hubby made a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch, He earned many, many, many, many, many brownie cookie points in my book. Love that guy.

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  1. Hey Brittany! Just popping in from H54F! Those chocolate chip cookies look delicious! Your hubby did a great job! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Pam

  2. I would be SO proud if my husband even attempted to bake cookies... :)

  3. Gosh you're adorable :) and omg those cookies...those nachos! I'm drooling over here! I havent been around blog world much recently but IM BACK {hopefully!} at least Im trying, so today is catch up day! Looking forward to getting caught up on your blog again :)

  4. that vanity is precious! And many props to your husband for baking...if my husband tried, I don't now that they would be edible ;)


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