Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

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At the start of this new year I talked about how the Mr. and I go about setting goals for ourselves, both personally as well as together. I thought it would be nifty to jot down my own personal goals for the month of February. I'll hopefully check back in at the month's end to see how I did. 

Read a book
Plan a date night for my favorite guy
Celebrate Valentine's Day
Plan a gender reveal party for my sister's little babe
Try a new recipe
Start our master bathroom remodel
Stain, varnish, and install our back entry french door and kitchen pantry door
Do something nice for a stranger
Have a ladies night
Take more pictures, capturing the every day
Complete a DIY project 
Speak my hubby's love language
Work on being less busy
Find something to be thankful for every day and write it down


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  1. What a sweet list! Love that last one. So important to remember that!

  2. That last one is definitely an important one. Even if it's just the little things like a hot cup of tea or no traffic for your morning commute!

    And I definitely need a ladies night- sometimes those are just the best :)

  3. Awee to the gender reveal! Is she finding out what she's having or will it be a surprise for her at the party? I want to complete a couple of DIY projects too, I have so many stored away on Pinterest. Do you have any particular ones in mind?

  4. I love these goals, Brittany! Especially the first and last.

  5. These are awesome goals pretty lady! I love that you used specific goals. I seem to stay more on track when I know exactly what I want to do! YAY for gender reveal parties and thankfulness. I need to add some of these to my list! Thank you for linking up and for sharing your sweet blog! Happy Tuesday Eve!


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