Friday, April 4, 2014

High Five for Friday!

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Happy Friday! I'm so relieved that Friday finally decided to show its lovely face. It's been a busy week around here so I'm glad to see the weekend is in sight! 

Here are this week's highlights: 

1// I took some time to give myself a mani and pedi. My nails were overdue for some attention. Now they feel so pretty. These are two of my favorite Essie colors; Splash of Grenadine and Turquoise and Caicos.

2// I spent time with my darling little neice, Charley Louise. She is the sweetest thing.

3// New kicks! There's something about new athletic shoes that will inspire you to get out and be active. 
4// My sister sent me this picture of her growing bump. It's been so exciting to watch her grow. I can't wait to meet my little nephew in July.

5// This week has brought much progress on our master bathroom project. While this very large project can be a little overwhelming, it feels awesome to have had a productive week. We get to check the plumber and the heating and cooling off the list! Now we move on to insulating and dry walling. I'll share a picture soon.

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  1. those Essie colors!! I'm having the hardest time deciding if I want pastel colors or bright spring colors for my mani/pedi this evening. Maybe I should take a vote....this is a pretty tough decision. ha


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